The primary role of Experience Neshama is to connect individuals who are experiencing long-term homelessness in Ramsey County with housing opportunities through a program called Group Residential Housing. Any individual experiencing long term homelessness who qualifies under the income and disability qualifications defined by the state of Minnesota, has the opportunity to live independently in their own apartment. Experience Neshama provides case management services during this housing experience to promote health, stability, and growth. If you are experiencing homelessness, know someone who is, or would like more information please contact us

Most behavioral change is slow and phased incrementally. In order for one to experience deep change that causes an immediate shift in paradigm thinking-the experience must be impactful and meaningful. Experience Neshama believes this shift in perspective can happen by being encountered with experiences of positive nature which causes a new outlook to life.

Experience Neshama

primary experience

Experience Neshama is part of an initiative to end homelessness in Minnesota. This plan is now a partnership between the private and public sector through eight counties (Anoka, Hennepin, Olmsted, Ramsey, Saint Louis, Scott-Carver, and Steele) and seven tribal nations (Bois Forte, Fond du Lac, Grand Portage, Leech Lake, Mille Lacs, Red Lake, and White Earth).



What's the big idea?

Hebrew in origin, Neshama [neh-sha-mah] is best described in English as an expression or action. Neshama is the moment God breathed into humanity to create life. 
Some believe this moment as the beginning of the soul, while others take it simply as the unique expression of humanity. Experience Neshama believes this moment can figuratively be experienced again to produce new hope and new life.