Our Story

Neshama, pronounced “nesh-ah-ma” is used in the Hebrew biblical story of creation when God created humanity. It was first a lifeless form until the breath of life was breathed into that form to create what we now know as humanity. The word Neshama is used to describe “the breath of life” or “the act of breathing life” into another. The agency participates in this “breath of life” for those served by journeying with individuals through housing and services. Out of this belief, “the experience of life”, or “The Experience of Neshama” was founded.

Social Services is a lost art. We believe social services should be delivered with heart, expertise, and joy. At The Experience of Neshama, we do just that. We chose housing as our area of expertise because we believe it is a foundational piece of pursuing your dreams.

Our Core Beliefs


An interdependent network


Capacity to move forward


To believe in possibility


To trust in second chances


The journey should be full of laughter

Our Mission

To be a catalyst of change by journeying side by side with individuals as they encounter new opportunities through housing

Happy Friends Laughing

Our Vision

Anyone and Everyone will have the opportunity to experience hope in housing

Secure housing

Meet Our Team

The Experience of Neshama team is dedicated to helping our clients attain and maintain housing. Our team works with you as well as being on call 24/7 for any housing needs. 

Housing Advocate
Housing Advocate
Housing Advocate
Dark Roofs Housing Complex
Housing Advocate
Dark Roofs Housing Complex
Housing Advocate
Dark Roofs Housing Complex
Housing Advocate
Housing Advocate
Housing Advocate

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1 West Water St Suite #220

St. Paul, Minnesota 55107

Phone: 651-417-9112

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