The Experience of Neshama was founded in 2015 as a Long Term Homeless (LTH) Housing Support provider in Ramsey County serving clients through scattered site settings. It was established as a client centered organization allowing creativity in service delivery. These services have the goal to create stability as the staff journey with those served as they experience change-one of the few guarantees in life.

Housing Support

Guiding your housing experience

Navigating housing leases, conditions and understanding your housing rights is complex. The Experience of Neshama is a team of experts in guiding you through these complexities by giving you a Housing Advocate to work one-on-one in creating your success plan to housing.


Your maintenance reporting, eviction defense, legal aid assistance, county assistance, peer support, mental and physical health and so much more.


We are here to journey side by side as you pursue your right and liberties of housing. 

Securing a place is the first step. You deserve the opportunity to transition your place into a home with comfort, security and stability.


The Experience of Neshama works with you before, during and after your housing to obtain your comfort, security and stability. We do this by connecting you with partnerships that make this process easier.


Through these partnerships, obtaining furniture, household items, creating friendships and becoming part of your neighborhood, is easier. Your house can be a home!

Housing Wellbeing

Making your place a home

Housing Possibilities

Finding and transitioning into housing

Finding and understanding your housing possibilities can be confusing. The Experience of Neshama has created pathways to help you find the right housing for your and your situation.


Our team gets creative in assisting you find and transition into housing.


This has varied from shared supportive housing to your own apartment, even to your own home!